Leeza Osipenko, Ph.D.

Leeza Osipenko

Head of Scientific Advice
National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, U.K.

Dr. Osipenko is head of scientific advice for the National Institute for Health and Care Exellence (NICE) in the U.K. She works closely with the European Medicines Agency, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, and European Heath Technology Assessment (HTA) agencies. She also chairs national, international and parallel scientific advice meetings for medical device and pharmaceutical product developers. Her research interests focus on methodologies of trial design, evidence generation for economic modeling and policy implications of HTA.

Dr. Osipenko holds an honorary fellow post at the University of Warwick Medical School, a senior visiting fellow post at the London School of Economics, and represents NICE as a chief analyst at the Department of Health.

After completing a Ph.D. in systems engineering, Dr. Osipenko was a senior research fellow at the University of Warwick Medical School and worked as principal economist at a public sector consultancy, Optimity Matrix.